Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is such a handy investment to make, and you don’t need to take it out only at winter time. It is such a versatile product that can be used throughout the year to make a variety of foods. It is great if you are busy, you just put your food in it to cook early in the day and it is usually ready by dinnertime.

My favourite slow cooker meal has to be chicken! I place a whole chicken in the slow cooker, without adding any liquid and leave it on all day on slow. Once cooked the meat just falls off the bone without drying up. What I like to do first is to crumble up a couple of stock cubes and rub it all over the chicken to add flavour to it before placing it in the slow cooker. We usually serve it with lots of veggies and roast potatoes.

You can also cook other food in the slow cooker – I’ve made jacket potatoes in it too and they turn out so fluffy inside. All you do is wash, dry and prick your potatoes before wrapping them in foil and placing them in the slow cooker. If you like a crispy skin, you can put the potatoes in the grill for a few minutes once cooked to crisp up the skin.

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