My name is Rahema and I am a mother of 3 gorgeous girls! I was a Slimming World Consultant for almost 6 years and have lost 4st 7lbs as a member back in 2011. I opened my first group in 2013 in Bordesley Green in Birmingham and became a Gold Consultant in 2015.

I enjoy cooking and baking with my girls, especially cookies and cakes. I am an avid bargain hunter, if there is an offer on any of my favourite products, I am that woman that will bulk buy and stock up!

On my site you will find recipes that I have adapted to make Slimming World friendly and you may also find the odd treats 🙂

Hope you enjoy x

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  1. Yasmin Samaraweera says:

    Hi Rahema

    I would like to try the baked oats. What oven temperature for an electric oven. I have 2 ovens, one is a fan oven and the other is the usual electric oven so either temperature is fine.


    • Rahema says:

      Hi Yasmin, hope you are well and thanks for your question.

      The temperature would be 200C for the electric oven, and 180C for the fan assisted oven.

      Hope this helps x

  2. Saira khan says:

    Hiya!!! well done on your loss you look fab mashallah!!! How did you stick to plan whilst Ramadan? And how was your losses during this time? X

  3. Saira khan says:

    Hi Hun how do u know which ready made spices are syn free and which are not. I often use laziza and Shan but I have started to like the east end brand especially there piri piri hot rub. Any ingredients to look out for which could possibly have to be syned? X

  4. afzah waseem says:

    Hi thanks for your wonderful blog. I was thinking of joining but unfortunatly in scotland has not many asians in sw leader that i can relate to they talk about haram foods. If you know anyone running a sw here please let me know. I am following you on Instagram any other place i can follow you please let me know. Please keep posting your failings and success so we can learn.

    • Rahema says:

      Hiya, I would recommend joining a group even if the leader is not Asian/Muslim. When I joined SW as a member I found it so beneficial to stay to group and get the weekly support from fellow slimmers. I was the only muslim in the group and at times it was difficult not having anyone to relate to but overall it was worth it as it kept me focused on my weight loss journey knowing that I was being weighed weekly.

      I have a Facebook page you can like, Bordesley Green and Acocks Green Slimming World. I am however more active on Instagram.

  5. Preet says:

    Hi Rahema
    I cannot tell you how happy I am seeing an Asian who is using and blogging about Sliming world !! I am really really struggling to understand and connect with it because all I eat is Indian vegetarian food and there is very little help available to teach how to apply slimming world to an Asian diet. For example today I made aloo puri at home but had no idea how to calculate Syns for it. How many Syns does a puri have? How do you calculate it ? Could you please advise on how to calculate Syns for home cooked Asian meals ?
    Sorry for such a long post but I really do need some help if you could please

    • Rahema says:


      You can work out the syns by breaking down the ingredients and working out a total syn value. You are going to need to make some changes with your food options as you will notice that quite a lot of Indian food will be high in syns. You can however reduce syn values by using a syn free spray oil for cooking or if you really cannot cook without oil, then you will need to syn it. 1 level tablespoon of oil (of any kind) is 6 syns, if you use for example 3 tbsp. in your cooking, then you will count it as 18 syns in total. If that meal serves 4 people, you divide 18 by 4 which makes it 4.5 syns per serving. You are allowed up to 15 syns a day, if you are happy to use your syns in your cooking then go ahead! I’d rather use my syns in sweet treats, so I keep all my meals syn free or very low in syns.

  6. Sukaina Hasham says:

    Salaams, congratulations on your weight loss x
    Do you know of any halal sausages which are low synn?
    Thank you x

    • Rahema says:

      Ws, thank you. I don’t, I usually have vegetarian sausages. The Richmond meat free sausage is lovely and tastes like meat (but it is 100% vegetarian), 1.5 syns each x

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