Ramadan 2020 Planner Week 2

Here’s what week 2 of my Ramadan 2020 meal planner looks like. Please note that if I have leftovers I won’t cook the following day. I hate to waste food, so I end up eating the leftovers and might cook something different for the kids if needed. So far this Ramadan I haven’t had any leftovers, I have been cooking enough for each day so I am on track with my first week. As always, please note this is just to give you an insight of what I like to eat and to give you ideas. You may not like some of the foods I have on my planner so please eat what you like as long as it fits within the Slimming World plan if that’s what you’re following.

If you’d like to try some of the meals from my planner, you will find most of the recipes on my blog (use the search button to find the recipe you want). If you’d like to purchase the Spicentice spice kits mentioned below, you can use my discount code to save you some money (20% off code – RM20). I like to use the spice kits from time to time as it saves me time in the kitchen. All the spice kits come with full instructions on how to make the meal and are very easy to follow. You can find the whole range here.


Ramadan Planner Week 2

Ramadan Planner Week 2


Please also note that I have not included my syns. That will depend on what I fancy on the day. Fast is always opened with a date (3 syns) and fresh fruit. Hope your Ramadan is going well, please remember me and my family in your prayers x

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