Bassar Mix!

I realise that not everyone knows what bassar is, I didn’t either till after I got married. I am from an Indian background and growing up my mum used a mixture of different spices for curries. Cooking Indian food looked really difficult and it never interested me. Being the youngest child I guess I got away from going in the kitchen too!

When I got married that is when I came across bassar, it was widely used by the in-laws. It makes life so much easier using this ready made spice mix! My mother in law makes her own, I have bought many different brands over the years and my favourite is the one pictured.

I have recently bought some bassar mix from a lovely lady who makes it herself and that’s what I have been using lately and it is the best! I have no idea what exact spices goes in it but it tastes amazing!

So in my recipes where I state curry powder, that’s what I use – bassar. You can get this from most of your local Asian supermarkets. If you are in Birmingham you can definitely pick this up from shops in Stratford Road, Ladypool Road, Alum Rock Road etc.

If you use bassar in your cooking, comment below which one you use. Do you use a homemade mix or buy ready made? Have you come across a good ready made brand?

Pakistani Bassar

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  1. Am says:

    Hi yes Bassar is the way to go most definitely 👍 I’ve used spice combinations and I’ve used Bassaleg and after all my experiments I feel you get a much better pakistani curry by using bassar. I use king of spice brand but have tried Alamgeer and Al noor but my favourite is King of Spice, my next shopping trip im going to try a bassar i haventvtried before. Bassar cuts out the headache of all the various spices its an all in one no guess work required.

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