Running Alone

I did it! I went out to run on my own outside today. I received a few messages yesterday from people who suggested starting at a park to build my confidence up and that really helped. It didn’t seem so daunting running in the park. It was a cold morning and I set out later than I had hoped to be out by, but I didn’t back down! I set the timer for 30 minutes on my phone and launched the Strava app to record the length of the run. I must admit, even though I only did 30 minutes it felt a little boring running around the park. I just kept going round and round! I did 4.4km in that time which I was happy with.

First run statsI’ve signed up for Park Run ( this Saturday and hope I will get a good time for 5k. This will be my first ever proper timed run. I have done Race for Life ( in the past but I normally just walk, never attempted to run!

I really want to try and do a different route tomorrow even though I am really nervous to go out on the roads. I might have to go super early when there aren’t many people outside! It sounds pretty stupid right? Grown woman like me nervous to go outside to run. I don’t know what’s stopping me. Maybe I feel I will get judged for running because I wear a headscarf? I know it is silly, most people are probably too busy going about their day to notice but I think that is my main fear. Anyhow, I’ve got today to sort myself out and plan a route before I attempt going out tomorrow morning. Wish me luck guys! x

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4 thoughts on “Running Alone

  1. Susan says:

    The nervousness may be simple common sense. Don’t put yourself in danger by running alone in the dark. Especially around here?!

  2. Zaks says:

    Im from dewsbury, and I feel exactly the same about going out to run alone. Maybe people will judge me as a hijabi. Maybe I will start in a park too, sound like a good idea. What do you wear when you go running?

    • Rahema says:

      Hi Zaks, I have now been out on my own a bit more and slowly finding the confidence to not over think before I go. At the moment I just wear normal jogging bottoms with hoodies and long t-shirts. I’ve bought leggings but j don’t find my t-shirts are long enough for me to just go out wearing them. I have ordered a skirt to wear over the leggings, hopefully that will be better. I will post on my Instagram once I get them. For my hijab, I bought the Nike hijab which is fantastic! Really absorbs the sweat, just wish it was slightly longer for better front coverage. There aren’t many modest active wear out there which is a real shame x

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